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Thursday, December 28, 2006

What’s Wrong With Cinderella?

This is a GREAT article from the New York Times... It is like the writer is living in my exact world!

What’s Wrong With Cinderella?
By Peggy Orenstein
Published: December 24, 2006

One mother’s struggle with her 3-year-old daughter’s love affair with princess culture.

BTW, Nora got about 7 princess dress-up outfits for Christmas, as well as a cheerleader get-up, complete with pompoms. But that is exactly what she wanted, so what are we gift-givers to do? But for now, she is set... no more dress-ups for a while, please!

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Plant Trees + Stop Junk Mail = Green Dimes

I just found this web site to deal with my huge junk mail problem: GreenDimes. For a dime a day they get your name off direct mailing lists and keep it off, and plant a tree for you every month. So if you want to stop your mailbox from overflowing, and save some trees, take a look at GreenDimes. Note: I have noticed a HUGE reduction in the amount of junk mail I have been getting!

Help the Planet!

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