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Saturday, March 3, 2007


We gave Nora a challenge of not getting into time out for 4 days straight. She wanted the game Cranium's Balloon Lagoon. We said she could have it if she didn't get into time out for 4 days straight. She's 4 years old, she can do 4 days of no fits. Keep in mind, this is a kid who normally gets into time out multiple times a day.

You aren't going to believe it. SHE DID IT THE FIRST TIME! I have to say, I was extremely shocked. But I am so freakin' proud of Nora.

The classic part was the night before the deal was clinched (T minus 10 hours and counting), Nora announced that after it was over, she was going to "go back to her old self." That she liked the "real me" better. She was going to go back to being naughty, throwing fits, crying, etc. (Note: 3 days later, she actually hasn't been as bad as pre-challenge).

Unfortunately, when we got to Target, there was only one Balloon Lagoon, and it had been opened. We couldn't tell if it had been pilfered or if it was intact, so we decided on another game. How apropos... the game we bought was TROUBLE!

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